Problem Sharing

The Alberta Smart City Alliance is proud to be collaborating with on a pilot initiative to help our members find solutions to their vexing problems.

Why? Because every community has problems that need to be solved, and opportunities that should be capitalized upon. Waste treatment. Cracked sidewalks.  Slips and falls. Mosquito control. Graffiti. Snow removal. Fuel efficiency. You name it.

You know what the problem is with solving problems? You don’t know the solution. That’s obvious, but finding a solution requires considerable time and money for research, testing, conferences, consultants, and more.  The costs can often be considerable.

However, there is probably an existing product or service already out there that can solve your problem. But you’re searching for a needle in a haystack, and the answer may not even be a needle.

With you can just shout your problem to the world, completely anonymously. Through the power of crowdsourcing, potential solutions simply land in your e-mail inbox. It just takes a couple of minutes and it’s free. No research. No kidding!

If you’d like to shout your problems, please fill out the form below and we will pass it along to The Alliance will also share summarized, anonymous problems on this website as an interesting service to our members.