The Future of Glass - A Day Made of Glass

Here is another conceptual video created by Corning Incorporated in "A day made of glass."

It goes through what would be your typical day scenario waking up at your beautiful luscious estate, by your wife with model good looks, as the photovoltaic glass reveals yet another perfect day in pleasantville. Followed by various interaction with every piece of glass you encounter throughout the day being touch sensitive, electronic enabled displays.

This is a novel idea and as for as long as I can remember has been a common representation of the future where all surfaces are interactive. While the concept was focused around the future of glass, I would've loved to see some other future elements incorporated into the video like hovering cars that drive themselves, holographic communication, or omelet ready hybrid bell peppers with infused eggs substitute. How soon do you think this glass future will be a reality, and what future elements would you like to include?


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