Resources and Publications

External research and publications related to smart city development, research, and funding.

2014 Alberta Smart City Symposium - Twitter Record

September, 2014
A record of the conversation on Twitter during the September 18, 2014 Alberta Smart City Symposium!
Subjects: Alliance, Events

BSI's Smart City Framework / Specification Guide

February, 2014
The smart city framework (SCF) distils current good practices into a set of consistent and repeatable patterns that city leaders can use to help develop and deliver their own smart city strategies.
Subjects: Strategic Planning

Mapping Smart Cities in the European Union

January, 2014
An analysis of the objectives and Europe 2020 targets of Smart City initiatives finds that despite their early stage of development, Smart City objectives should be more explicit, well defined and clearly aligned to city development, innovation plans and Europe 2020 in order to be successful.
Subjects: Best Practices, Global, Strategic Planning

Forrester's Smart City Service Providers Analyses

July, 2013
This reports looks at the recent trends in technology adoption in the city/local government sector and provides guidance to city CIOs on how best to leverage smart city service providers to help them along the path to becoming smarter.
Subjects: Commerce, Strategic Planning

IBM's Big Value from Big Data

June, 2013
This IBM Redbooks Point-of-View publication identifies the key questions you need to address to capitalize on your big data needs.
Subjects: Analytics, IBM, Open Data

Cisco's Smart City Framework - Enabling Smart, Connected Communities

September, 2012
The Smart City Framework describes a process that helps key stakeholders understand how cities operate, define city objectives and stakeholder roles, and understand the role of ICT within physical city assets.
Subjects: Cisco, Strategic Planning