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External research and publications related to smart city development, research, and funding.

How National Governments Can Help Smart Cities Succeed

October, 2017
Cities around the world are undergoing two important transformations. First, they are growing. For the first time in history, a majority of the world’s population lives in urban areas.
Subjects: Analytics, Applications, Best Practices, Canada, Connectivity, Funding, Innovation, Internet of Things, Open Data

IBI Group - Smart Cities Overview

March, 2017
IBI Group believes that the Smart City is about connecting the pieces, by understanding the details of each piece.
Subjects: Alberta, Best Practices, Buildings, Canada, Strategic Planning

The Alberta Broadband Toolkit

February, 2017
The Understanding Community Broadband: The Alberta Broadband Toolkit is intended to assist municipalities and community groups in Alberta in developing local broadband solutions.
Subjects: Alberta, Applications, Best Practices, Canada, Connectivity, Implementation, Infrastructure, Internet of Things, Urban Planning

Future of Pervasive ICT in Alberta

December, 2016
The last 50 years of ICT have demonstrated that even though one cannot predict, you can prepare and be ready to exploit new technologies as they arrive
Subjects: Alberta, General, Implementation, Innovation, Strategic Planning

Smart Cities Open Data Guide

December, 2016
Open data is about transparency, about giving citizens access to the data their tax dollars help create and it’s about innovation
Subjects: Best Practices, General, Global, Implementation, Open Data, Strategic Planning

Smart Cities Readiness Guide

December, 2016
The Smart Cities Readiness Guide® is the first collaborative and comprehensive framework for a smart city, against which cities can assess their readiness to innovate
Subjects: Best Practices, Collaboration, Connectivity, Funding, General, Implementation, Infrastructure, Innovation, Open Data, Strategic Planning, Sustainability, Transportation