St. Albert Unveils Smart City Vision to Transform Mobility

The City of St. Albert has engaged thousands of stakeholders to develop an innovative proposal to transform local mobility from multiple perspectives.

This proposal is part of the Government of Canada’s “Smart Cities Challenge” – a national initiative to inspire innovation and encourage communities to address local issues through data, connected technologies and partnerships. The challenge is structured as a competition, with St. Albert vying for a $10 million prize in the mid-sized city category. 

The City’s proposal was developed to directly reflect the highest needs of the community, gathered through an extensive consultation process, and aligned to local priorities and strategies. St. Albert’s three key outcome areas articulate a vision to:

"Our Smart Cities Challenge proposal has been designed to address the community’s highest needs, complement the priorities of other governments, and showcase our solutions and expertise to others,” says Mayor Cathy Heron. "We have built a sterling Smart City record here, and I am extremely confident this proposal will be successful due to its highly innovative, integrated, open and collaborative design.”

To accomplish its ambitious outcomes, St. Albert has identified 27 supporting objectives, 29 likely partners, 20 performance measures and 15 specific initiatives it will pursue. These initiatives focus on:

Specific initiatives are referenced in St. Albert’s full proposal.  The attached graphic also visualizes several of these components and their support for the community.

Challenge finalists will be announced this summer, with each finalist expected to receive a grant of $250,000 to develop and submit their final proposal. Two winners, expected to be announced in Spring 2019, will receive prizes of up to $10 million in St. Albert’s mid-sized category (under 500,000 population).

For more information about the Smart Cities Challenge, please visit the Infrastructure Canada website.

For a full copy of St. Albert’s Smart Mobility proposal, or for more information on St. Albert’s Smart City Master Plan and current initiatives, please visit our 2018 Smart Cities Challenge webpage or contact

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