St. Albert Smart City Engagement Results Released

On October 19, 2015, the City of St. Albert’s Smart City Master Plan Steering Committee presented summary results of its broad stakeholder engagement process to City Council, and released the detailed findings through the St. Albert Smart City webpage.

Stakeholder engagement is critical to the development of St. Albert’s Smart City Master Plan, as the Plan is based on the specific needs and future of the St. Albert community.  To ensure maximum participation and reach, the process included multiple channels – resident and business focus groups, committee presentations, a Smart City / local Internet survey, school and youth group visits, community and regional events, meetings and forums with City employees, a pecha kucha series, outreach to academic and business leaders, website / online feedback tools, and more.

“Our Committee sincerely appreciates the input of the St. Albert residents, businesses, community groups, and many others who have participated in this broad engagement process,” said Smart City Steering Committee Chair Bruno Peters.  “Our Committee will work hard to capture many of these comments and ideas in a strategic manner within this unique Master Plan.”

Overall, the Committee heard that stakeholders are very supportive of a Smart City Master Plan and of the City’s efforts. It was also found that stakeholder groups have many similar ideas and priorities, with some variation based on sector and support for projects with non-tangible returns on investment.  Looking at comments, some themes included:

•     Local connectivity / Internet speeds

•     Transportation automation and controls

•     Corporate and community innovation

•     Community growth and differentiation

•     Enabling better civic efficiency

•     Local sustainability and energy resiliency

•     Cross-sector collaboration

•     Environmental preservation and stewardship

•     Open government & transparency

•     Digital public engagement channels

•     Business intelligence & predictive analytics

•     Personalized and mobile e-service delivery

As a next step, the Committee will re-connect with selected stakeholder groups to discuss initial findings and ensure that potential recommendations are well aligned.  Following this step, the Committee will complete its strategy prioritization process and the Master Plan text will be completed for Council’s consideration in Q1 2016. 

For more information on St. Albert’s Smart City efforts, including timing, current projects, and many other features, visit

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