Edmonton First in North America to Adopt Open Data Charter

Edmonton is the first municipality in Canada and the United States to adopt the International Open Data Charter, a global action network that aims to provide governments with best practice and principles to achieve international standards to open government. City Council adopted the charter on March 7, 2017.

“The Open City Initiative strives to transform the City of Edmonton into a more transparent, open and accessible organization, connected to the public and responsive to their vision for government.  As a City, we have been at the forefront of the open government movement in both Canada and the United States.” says Wendy Gnenz, Branch Manager for Open City and Innovation, “Edmonton constantly looks for opportunities to align itself to global best practices, and adopting the International Open Data Charter reinforces Edmonton as a city that strives for global leadership in furthering its interpretation of open government and citizen engagement.”

Following the launch of Edmonton’s Open Data Catalogue in 2010, the city adopted an Open City Policy. This policy commits Edmonton to building a city that is transparent, participatory, collaborative, inclusive and innovative. Edmonton’s open government guidelines is already aligned with the International Open Data Charter’s six principles.

The Open Data Strategy, published on January 2017, outlines an action plan to realize the value of open data and the principles of the International Open Data Charter.  It aims to enhance Edmonton’s robust Open Data Program by increasing the volume and quality of free and accessible machine-readable data, creating opportunities for informed citizens to discuss innovative opportunities for growth and realizing the economic and social value of open data.

As of January of 2017, 1,300 consistent and trustworthy datasets and visualizations have been made available through the Open Data Portal for public use.

Edmonton has received national and international recognition for its leadership in open government. The City of Edmonton has recently been awarded the 2016 Canadian Open Data Award for Accessibility by the Open Data Society of BC and Open North, Canada’s Most Open City for 2015 and 2016 by Public Sector Digest, the Medal for Excellence in Service Delivery by GTEC and is among the seven finalists for a global Intelligent Community of the Year award. In June, Edmonton will host the  2017 Canadian Open Data Summit.

As the capital of Alberta, Canada, Edmonton aspires to fulfill its role as a preeminent global city: innovative, inclusive and engaged. Building such a city takes foresight, planning and active participation by its citizens. A great city is an open city.

To learn more about Edmonton’s Open City Initiative, visit edmonton.ca/opencity.

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