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2017 Economic Developers AB Conference - Panel Highlights

On March 23rd as part of the Economic Developers of Alberta annual conference; the Smart City Alliance, the City of Edmonton, and Alberta Economic Development and Trade hosted a panel discussion called “Investor Ready Smart Communities”.

The panel, attended by about 60 people, was moderated by Jeff Bell of Economic Development and Trade who provided an overview of the Smart City concept and provided numerous examples of communities leveraging smart city concepts to improve efficiencies in applications as diverse as water management, energy conservation, law enforcement and parks management.

Kevin Miller, Chief Administrative Officer for the town of Nanton, shared experiences on how investment in fibre optic internet infrastructure is already positively impacting the real estate market and attracting entrepreneurs to the community. He described how the foundational infrastructure is already allowing the community to explore novel approaches for waste management including technology to allow real-time monitoring and historical reporting of waste collection, including weight of the waste collected from any site in the community. Paul Ross manager of Economic and Environmental Sustainability for the City of Edmonton described how the city’s open data initiative is helping to drive civic transparency and engage with citizens to unleash their creativity and solve municipal problems using regular “hackathon” events. Steve Liang, CEO of local Calgary start-up SensorUp described how his open source internet of things platform is being used for “citizen-driven” air quality monitoring in the city of Calgary. Mr. Cesar Vera, Manager Western Canada for Building Technologies with Siemens described how Siemens is leading the way in smart city technologies around the world from street lighting and smart buildings to electrical grid infrastructure and intelligent electrical vehicle charging.

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