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Alberta's Investment Opportunities

Alberta's Smart Investment Opportunities

Alberta is one of the most attractive places to invest in Canada and North America.

The province leads the Canadian average growth over the past decade in GDP, employment, exports and investment, and Alberta’s diverse economy, growing population and positive business environment make it an ideal place for business to flourish. The people of Alberta also enjoy a very high quality of life, including the lowest overall taxes in Canada. In fact, Albertans have the highest disposable incomes in Canada, the lowest unemployment rate, all while enjoying a sprawling landscape full of natural wonders. That’s why so many people think Alberta is an ideal place to live, work, and do business.  

For more reasons to invest in Alberta, and for additional investment resources, see Business in Alberta

Local Investment Opportunities

Alberta also has a large, sophisticated and growing information and communications technology (ICT) industry with an international reputation for innovation. Alberta’s robust ICT sector has enabled growth across all sectors of Alberta’s economy. The solid base of Alberta’s ICT industry includes almost 4,500 companies and 50,000 employees generating $11.4 billion in annual revenues, with tremendous growth potential.  Within Alberta, the cities of St. Albert and Edmonton are particularly attractive investment locations, due to their Smart City focus and strategic advantages.  

City of St. Albert

The City of St. Albert is home to over 63,000 connected residents, and consistently ranked as one of the best small cities to live in Canada, best places to raise children, best places to do business, best places to invest, and one of Canada's healthiest communities.  

St. Albert also boasts over 400 hectares of non-residential developable land, direct connection to major transportation networks and facilities (including regional and international airports, national rail connections, major highway corridors, etc.), proximity to 10 universities and colleges educating over 150,000 of the best and brightest students, proximity to the centre of Alberta’s government, and a forward-thinking elected and administrative officials dedicated to collaboration and efficient municipal government.  

St. Albert is also a growing Smart City centre of excellence, developing a unique Smart City Master Plan that will guide its future investments and communicate the many opportunities for business collaboration.  While doing so, St. Albert has initiated over 80 Smart City projects, and has founded the Alberta Smart City Alliance - an innovative collaboration of 250 of Alberta's public, private, and academic Smart City innovators.  With these many advantages, St. Albert is eager to showcase the value it offers to business investors and collaborators.

​​For more reasons to invest in St. Albert, visit or contact St. Albert Economic Development

City of Edmonton

The City of Edmonton is Alberta's capital city and home to over 800,000 residents.  Edmonton is also home to a diverse metropolitan economy, over $42.5 billion annual GDP and growth of over 47% over the past decade, and nearly 600,000 highly skilled people make up the workforce of leading edge R&D facilities.  ​

Edmonton is also a renowned Canadian Smart City, with multiple innovation initiatives underway and recent recognition as one of Canada's Smartest Cities. The City of Edmonton has developed a number of resources to assist business owners who are getting started as well as those who are promoting Edmonton as a place to do business.

For more reasons to invest in Alberta's Capital City (Edmonton), visit or contact Edmonton Economic Development

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