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Barcelona Smart City Expo

2015 European Smart City Intelligence Mission

The Alberta Smart City Alliance, represented by municipalities, academic institutions, and technology associations within the Alberta Capital Region, is planning a Mission to selected European Smart City best practice sites and the 2015 Smart City Expo and Global Congress.  The Congress, located in Barcelona, Spain, expects upwards of 10,000 visitors and 400 technology and service related companies.

The Mission is collaborative in nature, involving members of the Alberta Smart City Alliance including the City of St. Albert, City of Edmonton, Alberta Council of Technologies, IBM Canada and Cisco Systems.   Costs related to travel would be self-funded by each participant organization.  

Mission Objectives

Key mission objectives and tactics include:

  1. Business Development (including local investment attraction) and Relationships
    • Showcase the municipalities and the Alberta Capital Region, with a presence at the Smart Cities Expo, as a key entry point / prime investment destination in Canada for the technology and innovation sectors;
    • Connect directly with potential business investors to encourage trade expansion and general investment in the municipalities and the Alberta Capital Region - targets would be based on a business inventory identifying those businesses with potential now and into the future; and
    • Host informal meetings to foster ongoing relationships and potential economic alliances.
  2. Smart City Intelligence Gathering and Promotion
    • Attend the Smart City Global Congress to better understand the global Smart Cities market, best practices, and solution opportunities;
    • Meet directly with other cities, companies, academic institutions, and thought leaders to gather intelligence on Smart City implementations;
    • Position the Alliance, and its members, it on the leading edge of urban innovation;
    • Engage in site tours, the Smart City Global Congress pavilion demonstrations, the open innovation marketplace, and the massive ‘smart demonstration plaza’ featuring real example of technology applications; and
    • Support inter-city relations, teaching or research projects, and advanced education exchanges or opportunities.

Mission Agenda

The Mission is scheduled to run from November 6 to November 20, 2015.  Cities to be visited include London, Amsterdam, Almere, Munich, Nice, and Barcelona.  Each city has a detailed itinerary of business meetings, Smart City site tours, and investor presentations.

Mission Participants

Mission participants will leverage a common program but may also develop individualized programs in support of their primary corporate objectives.  Members of the Alberta Smart City Alliance who are participating in this Mission are:

  1. City of St. Albert

The City of St. Albert (population˜63,000) is a respected Alberta community recognized for service excellence, an active participant in regional economic development, and Alberta Smart Cities leader.  In 2016, St. Albert will unveil a unique “Smart City Master Plan” to support its development as a centre of excellence, in addition to improved organizational efficiency, economic development outcomes, and community programs and services.  For more information on St. Albert’s Smart City efforts, see

  1. City of Edmonton

The City of Edmonton (population ˜880,000) is the largest municipality in the Alberta Capital Region.  Edmonton is Alberta’s Capital City and home to six post-secondary institutions such as the University of Alberta, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and MacEwan University. In 2008 and 2015, The City of Edmonton was designated as one of Canada’s leading Smart Cities by the Intelligent Communities Forum.  Edmonton is also a leader in the use of innovation to improve municipal services, from public safety to public works to transit. Edmonton manages the demands of a growing population and a thriving economy, making smart decisions that improve the quality of life for its residents.  For more information on the City of Edmonton, visit

  1. Alberta Council of Technologies (ABCtech)

ABCtech advocates on behalf of Alberta’s technology-based enterprises, entrepreneurs, and industries for the creation of wealth in Alberta.  For more information on ABCtech’s services to the technology industry, see:

  1. IBM Canada

IBM Canada is a globally recognized technology and Smart & Connected Communities leader.  Company officials will be connecting with other Mission participants during various points in the itinerary.  For more information on IBM’s Smart City products and services, see:

  1. Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems is a globally recognized technology and Smarter Cities leader.  Company officials will be connecting with other Mission participants during various points in the itinerary.  For more on Cisco’s Smart and Connected Communications solutions, see:

Post-Mission Activities

Following the Mission, Alliance members plan to provide briefings on outcomes and intelligence gathered at various Alliance events, including the 2015 Creativity and Convergence Conference and the 2016 Alberta Smart City Symposium.

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