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Provincial Survey Results

2015 Alberta Municipal Survey

The Alliance is pleased to provide the results of the 2015 provincial smart city survey!  

This survey was intended to solicit feedback from Alberta municipalities on topics that will inform the Alliance’s future direction and contribute information to part of the discussion at the Alliance “Building Smart and Innovative Communities” session during the 2015 Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) convention.  Results are very important to ensure the Alliance continues to meet the needs of its members.

Summary Results

• 72 individual responses were collected from across Alberta (38% municipal elected officials, 62% administrators).

• Respondents were asked what their community’s biggest needs were that could be addressed through “Smart City” innovations, data, and/or technologies.

• Most municipalities (74%) are working on, or planning, specific projects that involve the use of data or technologies to support local initiatives.

• Most respondents indicated that they would like to collaborate with other municipalities and/or private and academic leaders on their current and/or future projects.

• Only 13.46% of respondents indicated they were not interested in any form of collaboration, and one respondent stating that they prefer to make their own connections. All other responses indicated an interest in collaborating with municipal, private and academic leaders (67.31%), collaborating with other municipal leaders only (15.38%), or collaborating with academic leaders only (1.92%).

• Some of the collaboration tools identified by respondents as assisting in effectively collaborating include a willingness to participate, technical expertise, virtual meeting space, and a wide array of diverse participants to get the best breadth of knowledge.

• Noted roadblocks to implementation include:


• 66% indicated that they would like to stay in touch with the Alberta Smart City Alliance, become a member, discuss collaboration or best practices, and/or learn more about upcoming events. Those that provided contact information were registered as members.


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