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The Merit of an ICT Industry Strategy for Alberta

Productivity improvements in information, communication, and connectivity technologies (ICT) over the past decade have unleashed new innovative features for economic sustainability in the private, public and academic sectors. Digital technologies are transforming the structure of social relationships on the consumer and business environments with the increasing use of social media and social networking (social technologies).  Furthermore, the Digital EgoSystem with ubiquitous connectivity and the Internet of Things (IOT) are increasingly embedding digital technologies in the business industries. It is becoming more difficult to distinguish digital technologies products and services in the industries from their underlying ICT infrastructures. Digital platforms and supporting cognitive computing platform are enabling cross-boundary industry disruptions, with advancing embedded technologies to include social networking, mobile technologies, analytics/ big data, cloud computing, and thus transforming to new forms of integrated business and ICT leadership, skills and strategies.

Many forces are contributing to this integrated transition from a market driven resourced-based economy to a knowledge-based economy, with new professional leadership skills and strategies for evidence-based decision making using predictive analytics. New knowledge-based economies have emerged on every continent across the world. Alberta industries with their heavy dependency on tangible assets are prime candidates for adoption of such innovative digital technologies to enable and support economic diversification. ABCtech's  assessment of Alberta's economic resilience and the effectiveness of the Innovation Ecosystem for monitoring the diversification transition are core to galvanizing action.

Information, communication and connectivity technology (ICT) has been commonly accepted and proven as the innovative engine of the 21st century and beyond. It will improve the political, social, economic, technological and legal productivity of the industries.  Innovation - the commercialization of technology, is the 21st Century's economic driver and ICT, the enabler of innovations and achieving economic resilience, requires a strong and sustainable ICT industry. In order for Alberta to achieve economic resilience it needs an ICT Strategy for enabling innovation and developing an effective Innovation Ecosystem of innovative excellence.

ABCtech facilitated a convention on "Creating the new, more resilient Alberta", which was held in Red Deer, Alberta on November 26th, 2016.  Highlights of this convention included presentations of practical implementation of embedded technologies and integration of ICT technologies.  The Convention provided a venue for facilitating and providing innovative ideas to promote innovative thinking and enable economic sustainability.  

The foundation to integrated economic diversification from a resource-based economy to a knowledge-based Alberta economy starts with the development of an ICT Strategic Framework for the private, public and academic sectors. The success of this ICT strategy depends on the collaboration, consensus, and commitment of various parties from the public, private and academic sectors.  It is important that we start a conversation to convene - a Summit, for preparing a strategy for development of an ICT industry strategy, with the focus on establishing integrated perspectives from the private, public and academic sectors.

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