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City of Calgary

City of Calgary Innovation Lab Ignites Ideas

The City of Calgary sparks innovative thinking within local government! 

The City of Calgary is creating new ways for citizens and City employees to contribute innovative ideas to local government through an initiative called Civic Innovation YYC.  As an extension of The City’s Cut Red Tape program, Civic Innovation YYC will continue to foster a culture where finding better, easier ways of doing things is explored and celebrated.

In May 2016, Civic Innovation YYC launched to employees with an online platform where staff could submit their ideas on ways to make City operations more efficient and improve civic services. Since its launch, more than 300 ideas have been shared and thousands of City employees are connecting online to build upon each others’ suggestions.

In order to take ideas from concept to reality, The City of Calgary opened a Civic Innovation Lab to test and prototype ideas on a smaller scale than a traditional pilot project. The Civic Innovation Lab is designed to encourage creative thinking and remove barriers between business units. So far, the lab has hosted over 800 people in discussions and development work testing close to 30 ideas from employees.

What’s next?

Civic Innovation YYC is expected to launch to citizens later this year with an online platform for public contribution. To learn more about Civic Innovation YYC, visit or join the conversation using #civicinnovationYYC. 

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