What is a "Smart City"?

Society is becoming increasingly digital, connected, and urbanized. Recognizing this trend, some communities apply innovative "Smart City" solutions to identify and solve basic urban issues.

Smart Cities (or Smart Communities more broadly) are connected places full of wireless devices and networks of sensors, cameras, applications, and data centers supporting every aspect of community life. This technology supports the collection of real-time data, measurement of performance through advanced analytics, and proactive responses to issues.

What Makes a Community "Smart"?

There are thousands of potential applications for Smart City technologies. For example, civic officials may rely on sensors to manage traffic congestion or facility maintenance, visitors may use their mobile device to review available parking prior to arriving at their destination, businesses may enjoy access to advanced broadband networks, and residents may receive a real-time alert of a water leak at home, or see a streetlight dim automatically after they have passed by.

Innovations often span multiple areas, including:

Ultimately, Smart Cities embrace technology and advanced data analytics to maintain sustainable, innovative, and thriving communities.