What Is the Alberta Smart City Alliance?

Launched in 2014, the Alberta Smart City Alliance is a cross-sector collaboration between community leaders and city builders, forward-thinking governments, corporations, entrepreneurs, and academic innovators.  The Alliance is the only organization in Alberta dedicated to the advancement of innovative technological and data-based solutions to many of the complex issues facing provincial municipalities.

To create the Alliance, a group of Founding Partners joined together to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU). This MOU formalized the collaborative relationship between the Partners and their commitment to the Alliance’s strategic objectives, including:  

  1. Creation of a new collaborative knowledge network in Alberta
  2. Greater awareness of available applications, technologies, and best practices
  3. The accelerated identification, development and market application of new local solutions

In offering value to its members, the Alliance focuses on:

  1. provision of a dynamic website containing research, blogs, news, social media connections, and a collaboration forum;
  2. support for government advocacy on priority areas;
  3. collection and sharing of leading Smart City research and best practices; and
  4. engagement of members through an annual Symposium and other related events, in addition to member contact on new research and available projects.

A photograph of the Alliance's inauguration ceremony, with leaders from each of the Alliance’s Founders, is below.

Smart City Alliance Inauguration Signing