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2016 AB Research and Innovation Advisory Council Meeting

On November 2, 2016, Smart City Alliance Board representatives met with the Alberta Research and Innovation Advisory Council (ARIAC).

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2016 Alberta Smart City Symposium Highlights

The Alberta Smart City Symposium brought together 175+ of Alberta's Smart City innovators in the beautiful Kinnear Centre for Creativity and Innovation in Banff, Alberta.

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October 20, 2016

City of Calgary Innovation Lab Ignites Ideas

The City of Calgary sparks innovative thinking within local government!

November 27, 2015

Analytics for Measuring Water, Electricity

Optimizing resources is particularly relevant for cities because of their impact on both livability as well as resilience.

September 15, 2015

Redesigning Future Vehicles

Imagine never having to worry about an accident again. Using cloud and analytics technologies, Continental and IBM are trying to build this world.

August 08, 2015

Creative Destruction: What is it, and should I be worried?

Creative destruction loosely refers to the replacement of existing businesses, practices, ideas, processes, and products with new technology and innovation.

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